Photo/Phone Policy

  • Attendees agree to not take any photos, record video/audio or media (analog/digital) content of any kind. 
  • Attendees agree that phones are not allowed in the convention space and that they are better left in the hotel room. A bag check area will be available for attendees but it is not recommended that you bring any valuables into the con space. A white board will be used within the con space for any essential communications between attendees.
  • Attendees understand that If I post digital media content, I will be subject to review by the KANGACON Crew with possible expulsion and banning from convention if it is found that rules were broke and/or violated. 
  • Attendees understand that upon registering you will have to make a choice concerning photographs that are taken while at the convention by approved photographers. 
  • Attendees agree to wear the appropriate identification which signals to photographers it is okay or not okay to take their pictures. 
  • Attendees understand that in order to receive photos of themselves from the convention they must be wearing the appropriate identification. 
  • Attendees understand that their decision to have or not have photos taken of me is final and they will not be able to change their choice at a later time.