Consent Policy

Red for Stop
Yellow for Caution
Green for Go

All participants are expected to abide by the guidelines set forth in order to foster and maintain an environment that is safe for all. It is imperative that everyone in attendance at KANGACON commits themselves to these guidelines in order to keep the open conference a safe place for all attendees.

Two information sessions will be held, Friday and Saturday morning, that will outline what our rules are surrounding consent and the convention.

For clarification, there are different types of Consent Violations such as:

Consent Accidents

These can occur because of error, miscommunication, misunderstanding, or not having all the information

Consent Violations

When someone knowingly and willfully chooses to ignore or cross someone’s limits and boundaries

We categorically endorse only Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) at our event and in our community. We denounce unwanted advances, undesired contact, and predatory behavior of any kind.

We strive to make KANGACON a safe and nourishing Age play conference while allowing any and all consensual play allowed. If/when a crisis arises on-site, we will have assistance available to attend to the situation. We are committed to this process and will continue to make improvements so that those goals are realized.

Below is the Guideline that we have implemented–it will be posted on-site at the conference for reference–and we expect every KANGACON participant to adhere to it.


All play MUST be consensual. Period. Consent violations will NOT be tolerated at KANGACON. The flagrant disregard for boundaries that have been previously and mutually agreed upon by parties, may include expulsion from the event if deemed necessary as a solution to the incident. CLEARLY ARTICULATE AND NEGOTIATE ALL OF YOUR WISHES, LIMITS, AND BOUNDARIES–EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU PLAY, WITH EVERYONE WHO IS INVOLVED IN THE SCENE. This applies to private play scenes, and most especially applies to Open Community Events where physical contact is going to occur.